Awnings are a perfect addition to your patio/deck. They can provide the best protection and increase your property’s resale value. When installed correctly, awnings protect your patio furniture and add a stylish touch to your outdoor space.

When upgrading your patio, you must equip yourself with the best knowledge to choose the right awning blinds Melbourne and get the best value for money.

Here, we have covered the most critical questions to ask when you purchase an awning:

Which Awning Type Will Suit Your Needs Better?

There are three types of awnings: Retractable, fixed, and portable. Choosing the correct type will significantly depend on your budget. Portable awnings are the cheapest ones, fixed ones offer the utmost durability and require low maintenance, and retractable is a costly but comfortable solution.

Each type of awning has its pros and cons, but fixed ones tend to be more popular. It’s because they are lighter in weight and cost than retractable awnings and provide more durability compared to portable awnings.

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Which Manufacturer Or Retailer Should You Choose?

This one is the most critical question you should focus on. Before choosing any manufacturer or retailer, you must do market research and compare each one of them. Installing awning blinds Melbourne is a sizeable investment, so it deserves your time and attention to make an informed decision.

Remember that choosing locally manufactured awnings is always a wise decision as they will comply with your local area’s weather conditions and last for years. Local retailers better understand homeowners’ problems, and they can deliver the best products made with domestic components, maximising your savings.

Where To Install The Awning?

Installation holds the utmost importance when buying an awning. Whether you want to install it in the patio or backyard, giving proper measurements to the manufacturer is very important. These measurements will affect your awning’s final height and help you get the perfect shade coverage. And the measurements are even more critical when opting for a complete custom awning.

If you are choosing a fixed awning, then make sure to choose the home area that will benefit the most from this additional shade. Stationary awning will reduce your property’s sun exposure, so choose a place where you love to spend most of your time. 

Which Fabric Should You Choose?

Awning covers come in a wide range of colours and patterns. But the fabric you choose will decide its durability and your space’s protection. Choose a cover made of high-quality acrylics and yarn-like fibres. These breathable materials will wick away moisture, withstand constant exposure to UV rays, and stay steady in high wind.

Again, choosing your awning cover’s fabric will depend on your budget and needs. And ensure that the colours and styles you choose add a stylish makeover to your home exteriors. 


The bottom line is that you should know every basic detail before buying an awning. It will help you select awning blinds Melbourne that provides the utmost protection and energy efficiency.

Asking these questions will get you the best value from your awning purchase and the best possible return on your investment.

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